Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Manage Pregnancy- The First Half: Part 1

Now.. I've only had one kid (and I haven't even had him yet), but I'll let you in on a few secrets that helped me to survive the first half of pregnancy.

1. RUN (don't walk) out and BUY THE SNOOGLE PILLOW.

I dragged my heels regarding this pillow. It looks stupid, the lady using it looks stupid and 50 DOLLARS FOR A FREAKIN' PILLOW?!?!?! You MUST be shitting me? Well, they are not shitting you and it's worth every single penny.

Trust me, I thought a pillow between the legs and/or a body pillow would suffice. After awhile, they didn't.

Just suck it up and buy the snoogle. You'll thank me when you are sleeping like a baby every night.

DISCLAIMER: If you have a bed smaller than a king. Apologize to your husband in advance and banish him to the couch and/or spare bedroom. There isn't room for a pregnant chick, a snoogle and one husband in a small bed. Sorry.

Thankfully, we have a king, but we went on vacation and had to share a double a few weeks ago. It was not a pretty sight.

2. If you like dresses as much as I do.. get pregnant in February. You won't be getting huge until about August (ahem, me right now) so you can successfully wear all of your prepregnancy summer knit dresses into your 7th month of pregnancy. Your wallet will thank you.


Even though you are fat (or at least I am), you will feel great telling people that your dress is NON maternity at 25 weeks. I heart stretchy summer dresses.