Thursday, September 15, 2011


Remember yesterday when I told ya'll that I wouldn't want to stay home full time because I enjoy the adult interaction.
Well scratch that part.
(and add that I spent $50,000 on graduate school to become a school psychologist so I refuse to quit my job entirely before at least paying off my loans in like 23423423 years). 
I don't even interact with adults. I interact with small, menacing children.
It's really amazing that I even agreed to have my own child after observing the youth of america these last few years.   
Today I've hung out with a whole host of interesting children.
So far today I've counseled a child who's idol is Michael Vick and another who has three personalities and she's 9. 
Please, please, please let my child be normal.
Oh, and those interesting adults that I do get to interact with?  They are parents of said children.
While there are some lovely parents (I see them like once per month and I freaking LOVE them. Holler to the one mom that bought me a Tiffany's bracelet as a thank you gift and to the mom that brings baked goods and coffee to every meeting), I spend the majority of my time dealing with an apple/tree situation. 
Sometimes, I can't decide which is worse. 
*Epiphany. I am so going to be that mom that brings baked goods/coffee (I can't afford Tiffanys so F that) to school/dance/practice.  Everyone loves that mom and her kid. 


Nicole said...

So I was reading another blog that talked about a place that sold Tiffany's cheap... whether they are real or knock offs at $30 I tried my luck and bought 2 rings. They are flippin awesome even if they are knock offs! They came in the Tiffany's bag in the Tiffany's box with a Tiffany's cleaning rag.

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

I remember when the boys were born I would constantly look at them and pray they would make eye contact with me and whisper...please no autism...please no autism! You'll be fine :)

Sonya said...

I am right there with you! We had the same exact discussion about our kids today not falling far from the tree that bore them. Plus, lets not talk about the fact that each one's file should have a family tree because different last names doesn't mean they aren't your sibling! As the lady I work with says, we have to have kids to carry on the good genes!