Monday, September 19, 2011

I Heart You!

Sonya has left a new comment on your post "30 Weeks!":

Maybe it's me, but I feel like you keep looking smaller! Maybe it's the clothes, but you look great! Glad you're still feeling pretty good too!

Oh Sonya, I want to hug you and be your BFF, but I can assure you, that I am not getting any smaller.

Take a look at the front view. I meant to post this on Friday, but I forgot. I forget a lot of things now.

(shout out to my neti pot. I love you!)

As the weeks pass, I'm looking like a full fledged redneck. Some of my maternity shirts actually show like 3-4 inches of stomach (don't worry, I save those for around the house). The shirts that looked good at 22 weeks are teetering on trailer park now.

I think I just look small-ish in the pictures because he has dropped- meaning my boobs and belly are no longer one. Dropped baby is greater than non dropped baby. I can breath! I don't look quite as massive! But..... my shirts are too short because my belly touches my thighs (joking. kind of).

In other news-- I'm going to have a baby anytime within the next 4-9 weeks (but he'll probably be stubborn, overdue and arriving at 9 weeks).


PattyAnn said...

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I'm getting so excited to see him! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed!

Unknown said...

Looking lovely lady. And your not big....your just pregnant....the one time of life when you don't have to suck it in. Love that belly.

Laurie said...

Oh my God. Where did the time go??? I can't believe he is almost here!

In other news... Isn't that whole "dropping" thing glorious? Ah, to be able to breathe again...


Christina Cadden said...

You look beautiful!!!

P.S. I now blog over at

Sonya said...

HA! That picture really did make you look smaller!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Ummm, I'm with everyone else. Where has the time gone, 30 weeks already! I'm sure to you it feels like a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

You do look great and I it makes me happy to see that you always look nice too!

Dancy said...

You do look awesome!! I think it's cuz you're all belly MEANING that you look like your own self with a basketball under your shirt - your face hasn't changed much & I've noticed a lot of my friends gain in their arms when they're preg which you don't seem to have done. I bet you don't even look pregnant from the back.

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