Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random News

I'm avoiding doing work at work-- so I'll blog!
1. I am so tired lately.  Not first trimester tired- when I was in bed by 8:30pm every night- but holy crap walking up the stairs is hard, I must rest tired. 
2. My baby shower last Sunday was wonderful!  I didn't get a ton of pictures <sidenote: do not give 17 yr old a camera because she takes awful pictures and we should have learned this lesson at my bridal shower :endnote>, but I'll do a recap of it soon (right now, uploading pictures on the computer is also QUITE tiring). 
The one this past weekend was thrown together by my mama- with the help of my sisters, cousins and aunt.  The theme was so cute, so nautical and so me.  It was all out, "Ships Ahoy, It's a BOY" themed and I loved it. 
Baby Grayson was SO spoiled and he's going to have the cutest wardrobe in the entire world.  He now has tiny little black Toms with stars, high tops, cute jeans, and shoes with skulls on them.  The boy is going to be a serious hipster (and not by my doing-- you can blame this on my mom, aunt, cousin, and sister). 
We also got a pimped out, fully loaded city mini stroller and our car seat-- among many other awesome gifts. 
3. I just realized that I may never sleep in again. I do not find this amusing since my husband and I are 30 years old and can sleep till 10am most weekends.  The realization that I'm done sleeping till 10am is starting to sink in and it is a little bit sad.  I cannot tell a lie.
4. Everywhere I go, people are always singing baby girl praise. Oh, better luck next time. Or, oh sorry you're having a boy.  Yesterday three people told me that I'm lucky that I'm having a boy and could not stop singing their praises and providing examples why.  I like hearing that because most people are always chiming in about girls being better- so it's a rare treat to hear something so nice about baby boys.  
5. I'm going to have to do an iPhone photo dump on my blog and share all my cute pet pictures. I have SO many saved up. I love my original furbabies. 
6. Big brother is on tonight and I secretly hope Rachael wins.  She provided the most entertainment this season and deserves it a hell of a lot more than Porshe and Adam. Adam is a meathead and Porshe should lose the vote simply because her dumb ass opened pandora's box and ruined the newbie lead. 
7. Anyone else watch Teen Mom? Oh, just me. Crickets.  Well, Farrah deserves a swift kick in the ass.  The end. 
8. Where should I buy nursing tanks?
9. We are so busy this weekend (and we have been every weekend in August and September). We have something going on Friday (birthday dinner), Saturday (my last baby shower)  and Sunday (a baptism for my husband's best friend's baby. He's the godfather). Now that I'm in the single digits in weeks before baby comes (eeek), I may need to start limiting the invitations we accept after this weekend.  Going out all weekend makes for a rough week at work.  It's only Wednesday and if I had the spare days, I'd totally stay home the rest of the week to recuperate. 
10. I am so over working full-time. I'd like to win the lottery and go part time (in my dreams). I don't think I'd ever want to stay home full time because I enjoy what I do, like the adult interaction, thrive on a schedule and love the benefits, but part time would be amazing!


Melissa said...

The Target brand Gilligan & O'Malley have my fave nursing tanks. Old Navy's are good for length, but the straps are super annoying to undo and then put back together.

Baby boys are awesome! I can't believe people were telling you "better luck next time"

I miss sleeping late! I used to be able to sleep in until 10 or 11. Not anymore... you do get used to it tho

Laurie said...

Ha! I'd love to know who it is telling you "too bad" on the boy. I've never heard of anyone getting that. That is what you're "supposed" to want.

Lisa [at] Beauty and Her Boys said...

Someone asked me if I was upset that I'm having another boy......WHAT?! Heck no, I'm thrilled (I was secretly wanting another boy)! I love having a 4yr old daredevil & can't wait for his little brother to follow in his footsteps. I would feel cursed with a girl (I was such a pain in the ass as a kid, I'd only expect that 10X worse haha). Boys are loads of fun!

I slept 9-10 hours last night & still feel exhausted. Happy 3rd trimester ;D

Ashley said...

I saw some cute nursing tanks at Target next to the maternity bras.

My MIL loves to tell how her baby boy slept through the night right away. So here is to hoping you won't be as sleep deprived as you think. That kind of luck is rare for sure, but sometimes you'll be getting a little more sleep before you know it. Just nap when the baby does for sure!

Grrr. Little girls aren't the only sweet babies. Boys are too. So yay for some good people/comments this week.

We just went to my cousin's son's first birthday party this past weekend. He has been such a good baby and is cute to boot. He really is a ham and has been sweet from the get go. So yay for little boys!

Hilary said...

You're not alone - I watch TM!! I haven't seen this week's yet, so I'm not sure if Farrah deserves an extra kick in the ass? Because I think she deserves one all the time!!

And as for boys? I would love love love a boy as my 3 nieces live here but my 2 nephews are 1.5 hrs a way. Then the other day I realized that if I have a boy, it will most likely be like my boyfriend, and that scared the bejesus out of me. Two people in the same house that leave cabinets open, their clothes in the bathroom floor, the water running? Jesus help me. I'm thinking your hubby is probably a bit more put together, so you're in luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

People don't have filter sometimes. Your little boy is going to be everything you dreamed of an more.

Mrs. S. said...

I love my baby boy! He is the sweetest little man ever. I wanted a little boy so badly, and I am so glad to have him!

I do *heart* me some Teen Mom! I can't quit watching. I agree, Farrah drives me insane. I still need to watch this week's episode.

Dancy said...

2 - Baby shoes are the cutest thing in the world. Seriously - better than puppies.
4 - Don't listen to people. Boys are WAY better. If I could choose? I'd have all boys - they're so much easier. Girls can be little bitches. I've seen it too many times to know different.
10 - WORD sister.