Friday, October 21, 2011

35 Week Update

What a difference 9 weeks make.

When I was 26 weeks I thought that I was HUGE. Seriously. Ha, how naive.

Now, at 35 weeks, I won't even show you my face because I swear to god my lips have gotten bigger. Almost 9 months pregnant is NOT a good look.

Week 35- October 14th-October 20th

Due Date: November 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: The baby is the size of a WATERFUCKINGMELON.

Symptoms: Does being over it all count? I look back fondly on at least 33 weeks of pregnancy, but the end is a BITCH. I'd like the thank the lord for sparing me of morning sickness, heart burn, stretch marks, and general malaise for a long, long time. However, my general cheery attitude has been replaced with achy joints, achy bones, achy muscles, sore back, swollen feet and swollen hands.

Can I tell you that I had to buy shoes in a size 9.5 and they barely fit? I started off as a 7.5. I am just a swelling machine. I'm currently wearing flip flops EVERYWHERE because nothing else fits (because everyone asks, my blood pressure remains 120/70).

I'm still scared about actually having a baby so despite my generally poor attitude towards the 9th month of pregnancy, I'm trying to enjoy how easy it is to care for my son while he is inside me.

Cravings: Not having an achy uterus.

Sleep: Yes! I still sleep through the night and I love it! Getting out of bed to pee has come to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I thought it was hard during week 34. Watch out ladies, it gets harder.

I Can't Live Without: flip flops!

I Miss: Walking 10 feet without some part of my body aching.

I am Looking Forward to: November. We're in the home stretch now!

Milestones: I'm carrying a watermelon inside me. Now that is a milestone. Does making it to week 35 without swearing on one of these updates count as a milestone? I think so!

Awkward Moments: Dude. Everything is awkward.

Exercise: I skipped yoga this week due to contractions that lasted 5+ hours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I think they were practice ones, but they hurt like hell.

Diet: Well, I can't shove as much food down my throat anymore. Hopefully that will help my diet.

Movement: He has his slow days and he's definitely running out of room, but he likes to punch me from the inside at least a few times a day.

Gender: It's a boy! Grayson Patrick!


Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

Honestly, I think you're being hard on yourself! I think you look great!

Melissa said...

You look wonderful!

I remember the swelling at the end and only being able to wear flip flops. I gained 8lbs in 1 month at one point in my pregnancy! My blood pressure was always fine too, it's hard carrying around a watermelon! My face never swelled, but my hands and feet certainly did.

The end sucks. Wait till you're like 39 weeks

Unknown said...

OH man! All the things to look forward to if I ever get pregnant! Kinda proud of you for not swearing til this point though! hahahaha

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Hang in there!! The end is near!

Anonymous said...

The last 4-5 weeks are really awful sometimes. I fortunately didn't get the swelling but I had the heartburn and lack of sleep. But once little Grayson is here, you won't remember that time at all!

Just Add Walter said...

good luck... you are in the home stretch now!!! Can't wait to see your beautiful baby boy!!

Dancy said...

Everyone says the end is the worst. You're almost there! November is a week away!! :)

The Kings said...

I think you might be the funniest person ever!!! 1 woman comedy show!! I love reading your posts...done soooo soon hang in there, a beer is waiting for ya!!!

KiraAJ said...

Glad to hear ur doing alright minus the whole carrying a watermelon inside of u that is ;) its been 6days since this post and u had mentioned a few days of contractions so im wondering if maybe uve had the little one yet :) not to long now! U look great believe me i know how u feel...cant wait for it to be over and u feel huge but everyone keeps telling u that u look great :) Arabella is almost fast has that gone!??!

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