Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am OLD

(If my computer wasn't completely ruined, I would post a picture of my 16 year old self in an afro wig)
I am old.
I found that out in 2 ways.
1. I just realized that the kids that I worked with my first year as a school psychologist are IN HIGH SCHOOL right now.  Granted they were in 4/5th grade and are only now in 9th grade, but they are still IN HIGH SCHOOL. crap. When did that happen?
2. Teenagers at the McDonalds drive through annoy me.
Last Tuesday after yoga I decided to get a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds (a. I'm pregnant b. those things are good c. I saw a picture of frozen yogurt earlier that day and I'm very impressionable right now).
Ahead of me in the drive through was a car full of OBNOXIOUS teenagers.  They were being annoying, talking with accents, confusing the poor McDonalds worker, honking their horns, changing their order and just being hellions. 
It was 9:15pm and despite my "zen" state, these kids were annoying.
I came home and cried to John- when did I become that old person that finds teenagers annoying? I was that teenager.  I was that annoying teenager. For goodness sakes, we spent most Saturday nights at the McDonalds drive thru ordering a 4 piece chicken nuggets, dousing them in fifty packets of sweet and sour sauce, while wearing afro wigs and while being obnoxious in the eyes of everyone within a 50 foot radius. 
I mean seriously, we put pom poms on our head and thought we were cool.  I (and three of my nearest and dearest high schol friends) am the star of at least 15 homemade music videos to the tune of TLC's waterfalls and we spent 99% of the winter doing donuts in the bowling alley parking lot.  It's not cool that I find these kids annoying, when I did that same exact crap. 
Seriously, I think/feel that I was just 16.  Then I realize that basically, I was sixteen a little less than HALF MY LIFETIME ago. 
So.. while I can't promise that I won't find these kids annoying.  I will promise to smile when I hear them talk with a crappy Shakespearean accent (because you know they were probably reading Macbeth in English class earlier) while ordering chicken nuggets because I was there and I know how cool it is to be a teenager. 


Melissa said...

I find teenagers annoying too and I used to teach them! I hate when I got to my hometown and there's a bunch of obnoxious kids hanging out at Starbucks. All I want is my iced mocha and I have to get through all these dumb teens to get it!

We used to hang out at Dunkin Donuts because it was the only thing open past 10pm and we were too young for the bars. We were definitely obnoxious at times and I need to remind myself of that when I see teens acting that way now. Doesn't make it any better, but now I get that I was annoying as a teen as well and other probably wanted to smack me haha

I used to eat Oreo McFlurrys when I was pregnant :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Everyday I'm reminded how old I the 21 year old know it all I work with. Bitch. :)

Dancy said...

I'm totally old. I'd rather spend a Fri night in comfy PJ's catching up on my DVR than going out & getting smashed. When the f*(&^ did that happen??

Unknown said...

I recently had a moment like this. I am not sure if you remember, but I worked as a Red Bull girl in college. I was recenly at a gas station and there were Red Bull girls there giving out free drink and the young, pretty 20 year old called me ma'am.
I sort of wanted to punhc her and yell as her..."damn it, I used to be the hot college Red Bull girl" But then I realized I was driving a mom-car with 2 toddlers in the back. I am a MA'AM, when did this happen?

Unknown said...

The one person who finds my "oldness" the funniest? My mother. She just laughs and laughs when I get annoyed by teenagers. At least we know...they will grow out of it!

Cassie said...

I'm a new follower, looking forward to catching up to your blog!

Anonymous said...

I remember talking in an accent at a drive-thru when I was a teen. Hahaha!

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