Thursday, November 3, 2011

37 Weeks and Now with Bedrest. Boo.

I know you're all dying to see me without my shirt on. Prepare to be amazed...

Week 37- October 28th- November 3rd

Due Date: November 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: The baby is the size of a waterfreakinmelon!

Symptoms: I feel so much better this week. Week 37 was easy physically. I basically forgot the protruding belly that I'm growing. Mentally, it has been more challenging. I mentioned that my blood pressure freakishly went up at week 36. Well, it got worse at week 37 and I earned myself a rush ticket to labor and delivery on Halloween night. The ran my labs and strapped me to a bed for hours and I do not (they think) have pre-eclampsia, but my blood pressure is high whenever I'm not laying down. As a result, my doctor told me that I cannot work anymore. It's not ideal- especially because I was hoping to actually have a baby with I use the majority of my leave, but it hasn't been awful. I get a week to relax at home and I can sleep a lot. Things could be worse and I'm blessed that this has been my only complication thus far. I'm thinking that as a result of my BP that I'll be induced by next Friday, but nothing has been set in stone yet. In the meantime, I'll be keeping horizontal on the couch.

Cravings: Nothing.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping. I wake up every time I need to move, but I can fall back asleep pretty easily.

I Can't Live Without: Now, the husband. I'm not supposed to do anything so he's being super helpful.

I Miss: Not feeling anxious about my blood pressure.

I am Looking Forward to: Either having this kid soon or setting up an induction appointment.

Milestones: We had a non stress test and biophysical yesterday just to make sure that the baby is doing well. Grayson looks great, but they think he's going to be huge. They estimate that he's probably 8lbs right now. Oh crap. I'm trying to remember-- the bigger the baby the better the sleeper.

Exercise: I've been banned from all exercise

Diet: No diet. It's a lost cause. ha.

Movement: It is slowing down. I'm hoping that means the end is near and that he'll come on his own this weekend (wishful thinking).

Labor Signs- Sadly.. NOTHING. I've been hooked up to monitors Monday and Wednesday for hours and not a single contraction was detected. This kid has no desire to leave the womb.

Gender: It's a boy! Grayson Patrick!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're on bed rest. Can't believe he's 8 pounds! Whoa, momma! Take of yourself and little man.

Melissa said...

Sorry about the bed rest, but try to enjoy the down time! I know how annoying it is when people say to sleep or rest while you can, but you won't be able to whenever you want once your little man gets here.

I'm excited that you might be induced by next Friday! He's almost here!

Dancy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're on bedrest but I'm glad everything's ok. You'll be a full fledged momma in about a week! Yaaaaay!!

Sonya said...

Sorry you're on bedrest! At least you are almost there! Can't wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

Aw bedrest :( But at least you'll get some well deserved rest now.

And I always take the weight estimates with a grain of salt. They kept telling me my baby was going to be huge and over 8lbs but Emily ended up being 6lbs 14.5 oz.

Debbie said...

Oh girl, I know how you feel. But, be thankful you're already at 37 weeks. I got really bad pre-e at 31 weeks with my first. I had to be on bedrest in the hospital. Thankfully, I lasted 3 weeks doing that. But, Jacob was still in the NICU for 3 weeks. But, heck at 37're golden. No worries. Everything is already developed by now, he's just hanging out and gaining a little more weight. Enjoy this time to yourself. It definitely sucks, but, at least you're at home in your own bed. Take it easy and lay off the salty foods. They make your BP rise. Oh the things you learn when you're on bedrest... ;)

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