Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY Burp Clothes

Remember the olden days when I used to craft and sew? Yeah, me neither.

Thanks so a not so new Pinterest obsession, I decided to pull out the old sewing machine and to try my hand at some very simple burp clothes.

All I needed was a pack of prefold cloth diapers, some fat quarter squares (I used flannel) and a sewing machine.

It took me longer to wash/dry/iron the flannel and cloth diapers than it did to sew them together.

This is a totally cute idea, and it actually cost me half the price to make them- compared to buying them. Most of the burp clothes at Babies r us are cheap, terry and thin. I have a feeling that this will be way more appropriate for a spitty baby.


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you posted this... I bought all of the stuff to make these for a friend and haven't done it yet. I needed a kick in the pants!

I love the fabrics you chose - too cute for a baby boy :)

Anonymous said...


Melissa said...


Hilary said...

My sister used cloth diapers as burp clothes for all of her babies. They absorb so much more than the terry kind! Yours look great, too!

Dallas said...

So I don't have children, and I've always wondered how these work?? Like do you put it on your sholder? and what part does the baby "spit" on the pattern or the other side? lol

Unknown said...

Looks good! Double bonus that it's cheaper and higher quality than the store!

Anonymous said...

Your burp cloths came out so cute! Thanks for linking to the tutorial. We've been using the plain white prefold diapers for cloths but now I want to make them pretty.

Anonymous said...

We used white Gerber cloth diapers as burp cloths. Yours will do better because they're thicker. Awesome idea!

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