Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grayson-- 5 Months

Dearest Grayson,

How in the world is my darling son already 5 months old? Everyone told me that it would fly by, but I brushed them off. It really, seriously has. Five months already?!? My baby is certainly not the tiny little thing that I brought home from the hospital almost 22 weeks ago. You are certainly not helpless either, anymore. If the fight you had with the doctor is any indication, you’re going to be a star football quarterback someday.

In the last five months, my love for you has only continued to grow. It’s totally cheesy, but my heart literally sings and skips a beat when I see you every single morning. Who would have thought that one tiny little baby boy could make my entire life so much more important and so much more joyful?

You have grown a bit more this month. You now weigh 15lbs, 7oz and are 26 ½ inches tall. You wear size 2 and 3 diapers and your clothing is all 0-3, 3-6, and 6 month sizes. This past month has been full of firsts. Mommy had to go back to work this past month and you started daycare. The adjustment wasn’t fun for either of us. I missed you so much and cried every day for a few weeks after I dropped you off each morning. You had a tough time accepting a bottle and went on a three day hunger strike while daddy and grandma were watching you. You have since adjusted and you will take a bottle at daycare and continue to nurse every evening, night and morning before baby school. Along with daycare came croup and your first cold. The doctor was amazed by your sheer willfulness and strength as he tried to hold you down on the table to check out your ears. The cold broke my heart. I hate to see you suffer in any way.

Although the doctor said that it was incredibly uncommon, you had TWO teeth come in before you turned five months old (18 weeks). Your sleeping patterns also went down the tubes. You were no longer sleeping 9 ½ hour stretches. I think we’re lucky to get 6 in a row nowadays. You haven’t used a swaddle in several weeks, so you wake yourself up kicking your legs and moving about. You still sleep in our room in the pack n play but we’re considering moving you out in the next month or two.

After you turned four months old you also accomplished rolling both forwards and backwards, you grab anything and everything, and your fine motor skills are really amazing considering the fact that you’re so young and a boy. You can take your pacifier out of your mouth and manipulate it in your hands. You totally recognize your own name and scan the room when you hear it. You FINALLY laughed at us, after months of trying to make you laugh. There is no sound sweeter, my dear baby boy.

You’ve also started reaching out at everything and you put everything in your mouth. I can’t even take a sip of a drink without you grabbing for it. We tried giving you both rice cereal, oatmeal and applesauce but you weren’t a huge fan. It’s back on the agenda now that you are five months old.

You currently LOVE bath time, now tolerate longer car rides without crying and love being carried around the house. You’ve found your feet and learned how to put your toes in your mouth. It is the cutest thing in the world.

Your favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe, your teething blanket, your o-ball football, your Lamaze inchworm and any miscellaneous items that you can put into your mouth. You’ve noticed Polly (the dog) a lot more frequently now and love to watch her move about the room. When she comes near you, you reach out to pet her and she tolerates it really well.

I am so blessed to be your mama and I just love watching you grow and learn new things. You make my whole world dear boy. I love you to the moon and back.