Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 Months ALREADY!

Dear Sweet, Beautiful Grayson,

You are 8 months old (almost one). Sob. I’ve been back to work for about 3 ½ months now and this morning, it was like that first day all over again. You were the happiest, flirtiest, cutest version of yourself this morning and it took everything that I had to hand you over to someone else for the day. I really wanted to run back in sobbing and to take you back. I called daddy at least 4 times this morning to complain about it. You just get better and better every single day. Every time that I think that I can’t love you any more, you prove me wrong.

Grayson, you weigh 18ish pounds (according to our scale at home, 35th percentile) and you are 28 inches tall (50th percentile)! You wear size 6 month, 6-9, and 6-12 month sized clothes. You are in a size 3 diaper. You are still on the small side, but the doctor said that that is very common in babies that are breast fed for 8 months +. I am still in shock that I’ve managed to nurse you exclusively for 8 months now—especially while working full time. It’s taken a lot of effort, but the end goal of 12 months is in sight and it makes me sad, rather than relieved. I love those quiet moments with you. Is there anything better? This month, you had your first serving of Mexican food. You’re still primarily on purees, but when we’re out to eat, you love sampling our food. Apparently, you like enchilada chicken and Mexican rice. You love ice water and go crazy over a sip from my cup/bottles. You still nurse every 3 (ish) hours during the day and have 2 meals a day (cereal, fruit, veggies and/or yogurt) and some puffs around dinner time. In regards to sleep.. it’s a work in progress. Some nights you do well, some you don’t. On average, you’re still getting up at least once a night. You haven’t slept through the entire night (12 hrs) since you were 4/5 months old). I think the teeth have a lot to do with it. Over the last month your left incisor came in and that wasn’t fun. You currently have bulging gums and it appears as though the two top, front teeth and your other incisor are going to poke through very, very soon. 8 month olds are super active. Just taking your picture for this post took a lot of wrestling and wrangling. You sit still for approximately 3 seconds. I’m not going to lie--- caring for a 3-4 month old Grayson was exponentially easier than caring for an 8 month old Grayson. Now that you are crawling, you love being adventurous and keep us active and on our toes. We no longer lay together in bed for hours reading and singing quietly (I get about ½ hour a day maximum now). Instead, you treat me like your personal jungle gym and crawl all over me. I love it. I’m exhausted, but it’s the best kind of exhausted. I just love watching you try new things each and every day.

You seem so much happier too now that you can move and people are always remarking about how smiley and happy you are. You were always a happy baby, but you are even more so now that you are on the move. You have made so many developmental leaps this month. You are still mastering your worm crawl. You continue to bypass any/all toys and head straight for the dog’s bones, bowls, toys and any wire in sight. You are also starting to pull up and climb up on me and on other objects. You are obsessed with standing and have been for about a month. I’m scared that I’ll have an early walker on my hands based solely on the fact that you hate sitting. When I try to put you down sitting, you keep your legs up in an attempt to remain standing. You love, love, love standing for some reason. Over the last month you’ve also started to mimic us when we are playing with you. If I bang two objects together, you will take them from me and practice doing it on your own. You have also learned how to high five and you are very excited about this new development. You continue to be a man of few words, but you love shrieking. We often call your our little velociraptor because that is what you sound like. Some of your favorite things to do include going to the pool (yay pool rat), playing with your activity center, and watching “C is for Cookie” on you tube. You go crazy for that little video.

Your laugh is the CUTEST thing that we have ever heard. You love being silly and you make us laugh all of the time. When we say, “Graby, can I have a kiss?” you usually oblige . Whenever you hear music you start bobbing up and down and love dancing. It’s the coolest thing. You took your first trip this month-- a weekend camping trip with several friends. We stayed in a cabin and you had an awesome time. This trip also included your first trip to the beach. You loved the ocean! Another first was at the local gymnastics studio. They have open gym for babies and you had an absolute blast crawling through the tunnels, climbing on things and jumping on the trampoline. Jumping is one of your favorite pastimes. Month 7-8 has been amazing! I just love watching you grow, change and evolve. You are such a neat kid and the love of my life. I love everything about you Grayson Patrick! 

Love, Mama