Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I know I only posted ONE picture in my 10 month update. Here's another of my handsome cutie to hold you over until month 11. ;)

10 Month Update- September 10th, 2012

Grayson Patrick you are 10 months old!

It is amazing how fast time flies (I know, I say it every month but it is so true).  You are the COOLEST kid in the entire world. I am so incredibly in love with you.  I was hoping that as you got older, leaving you at daycare for the day would get easier. It hasn't one bit. If anything, I just miss you even more now that you are so fun, loving and interactive.  I continue to day dream about going part time just so that I can spend every single second with you.  Not a lot gets done after work.  Our house isn't as clean as it used to be. Meals are no longer planned out well.  We don't hang out with friends as much.  But, I take advantage of every single second with you and I love every minute of our time together. 

You didn't visit the doctor this month, so I'm not sure of exact measurements, but I would guess that you weigh about 18 ½ pounds right now and you are about 28 inches long.  You continue to wear size 3 diapers and you fit into clothes that range between 6-12 months. 

We went back to school recently, which meant that I have to be at work at a set time every morning again.  As a result, we finally had to do a bit of crying it out (lol, despite what I said last month) because you were waking up at least 1-2 times per night.  You picked it up beautifully and starting sleeping through the night the very first night. It was a miracle and I kind of kicked myself after the fact for not doing it sooner. 

I just love 10 month old Grayson, because 10 month old Grayson is SO cuddly.  You will crawl or cruise over to me and lay your little head on my shoulder.  It really is the sweetest thing.  You do not stay still for long, but it is fun to see you initiate the cuddles.   Speaking of sitting still, you don't. You love cruising around the furniture and you have taken to cruises up and down the pool ledge at our community pool. 

Some other new accomplishments this month include the ability to point! The other day you looked up at the sky as a plane passed by. I said Grayson, that's a plane. P, P, P, plane.  You pointed right at that plane and said p, p, p.  It was incredible.  You've also starting talking a lot more and making even more sounds.  You can say the m, b, l, p, d, g and n sound pretty regularly.  You said Mama for the first time on my birthday (!) and a few weeks later you said bye bye for the first time.  You haven't repeated them much since, but we heard them as clear as day. 

You have another tooth! You now have two on the top and two on the bottom.  Some of your favorite things to do this month including playing with balls and reading books.  You have learned how to play catch you and actually rev your little arm up before you throw the ball to us. It is the CUTEST thing that we have ever seen.  Our daycare lady even taped it because she thought you looked so cute doing it. 

My sweet little Grayson! Time is going way too fast, but I feel blessed that I've gotten to love, learn about you and mother you for the last 10 months. My life is blessed because you are in it. 

I love you I love you I love you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 9 Months (only a month-ish late)

Grayson Patrick you are 9 flipping months old. Wow. 

You still rock at life and continue to make me whole world spin round and round.  The time between 8-9 months may just be my most favorite time of all.  You are so interactive and such a little snuggle bug.  Now, you crawl right over to me and put your head down on my shoulder. I just melt. Most mornings we will pull you into bed and you will just lay your head on us. It is THE cutest thing.  I am head over heels in love with you. 

Apparently our at home scale isn't great and you're smaller than we thought you were previous months. As of your 9 month check up on the 10th of August, you are 18lbs, 3oz (25th %) and 28 inches tall (45th %).  You still wear diapers that are size three and 6-12 and 9 month clothing.  I'm surprised you're only 18lbs, because you LOVE TO EAT. Seriously, food is your friend. We started you on all table food for the meals that you are home with us and you took to it immediately.  You've had the pincher grasp down for awhile now so you do a great job self feeding.  We have yet to find a food that you don't like and you've tried many, many foods.  Your favorites include yogurt, cheese, broccoli, purple grapes and turkey.  Life is a lot easier now that we can feed you right off of our plates. It also makes dining out much more enjoyable because you are quiet whenever you can sample our food.  The only downside... I cannot eat ANYTHING without you crawling over and clamoring your way up me for a taste.  Drink wise, you are still on all breast milk.  You also have two new teeth-- the front two on the top-- bringing your teeth total to five!

Again, you've changed so much this month. You are a totally different child.  Now you manuver yourself around the floor with ease.  You can get into a sitting, kneeling, and a squatting position so smoothly.  You also love to cruise around the living room and do so as long as you're holding on to at least one other object.  You look like you're an old pro, even though you just started.  It now takes you .0003 seconds to pull yourself to standing which is dangerous.  You can get into anything in a split second.  You especially love trying to steal the remote, pressing buttons on the cable box and DVD player, and trying to pull the Wii off of the TV stand.  Who needs toys when you can play with electronics, right?

You also wave, high five and are much more socially interactive.  You've been mimicking things that I show you, but now you do it all the time and with fewer repetitions.  You think it's hysterical when Polly gets hyper and you love watching me vacuum.  Your favorite toys are your stride and ride dinosaur, your fisher price activity table and your books. You love reading and looking at books.  You current favorite: That's not my Kitten. You love petting the kitten's fur at the end of the story. You also love playing patty cake and get a kick out of peek a boo. 

This month you had your first trip to Bethany beach and you LOVED the ocean.  It amazes me how well you do with loud noises and scary situations. So far we've been saved from any stranger anxiety as well. Instead, you love strolling the grocery store aisles flirting, smiling and waving at everyone that will look your way.  You are definitely a social child. 

In regards to sleeping, you are STILL up once a night. I probably could fix that, but I'm so exhausted at 2am that I'm not even sure where to start.  In the grand scheme of things, I don't really mind. It gives me an extra 20 minutes each day to hold you in my arms and I know how fast time goes.  You're basically a big boy in the blink of an eye, so I'm going to enjoy cuddling my little tiny thing for as long as I can.  Your pediatrician says that I need to stop nursing you to sleep and to put you to bed awake. It's so hard because my favorite time of day is that 1/2 that I spend nursing and rocking you to sleep. I could stare at your beautiful , sleeping face for an hour if I could, and I often do.  I could just eat up your chubby little chicks, your super long, curly lashes and the tiny little sigh noises you make as you fall asleep.  So yes, you don't sleep through the night. It is totally my fault, but I'm going to relish in it-- at least until we stop nursing. 

Grayson, I cannot believe that you've been outside of me for as long as you were inside of me. I can't remember how I even lived and survived without you, but at the same time, time just flew right by.

I love you my sweet baby boy. My darling, Graby. I love nothing more than watching you grow and learn. How did I get so lucky?

Love, Mommy